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Problem we are solving:
Commercial systems have an extremely limited ability to need prioritization. Nurses report uncertainty and frustration stemming from not knowing reasons behind calls, and whether to prioritize a calling patient over the one currently being attended. Inefficient communication causes longer response times which are correlated to increased patient falls, impacting patient safety. No system provides a solution for patients with motor impairments.

Our solution:
The patent pending YouCOMM Bed M8 is a tablet-based communication device that provides effective patient-caregiver communication. The device has 20 need options and allows patients to send specific needs to a nurse's on-call phone. Custom messages are supported. The system can be controlled via touch, voice recognition or head gestures, making it convenient for motor impaired patients.Administrators can view patient satisfaction in real time, see a rise in HCAHPS scores and obtain favorable reimbursement rates. A pilot study of the Bed M8 prototype (Gen.1) showed 93% of patient users had a "strong" desire to use it again. Staff reported a wish for implementation into their facility permanently.

Our value proposition:
The Bed M8 is the only patient communication system to offer a head gesture interface for motor impaired patients. Voice activation and touch screen interfaces are supported. The Bed M8 is further the only system to offer real time patient satisfaction tracking. It also allows specific needs to be communicated by providing 20 default need options. Available need options, language of use and busy caregiver fallback hierarchy are fully customizable

Pricing model:
Competitive products are Responder 5 (R5), Voalte One, Novus Connect, and Eloquence . The leading system, R5, doesn't allow for private two way communication. R5 is also roughly double the price of the Bed M8. R5, Voalte and Novus all use a corded remote with under 5 need options. Out of reach remotes are directly linked to falls. Eloquence is a limited tablet application with no Head Gesture control for motor impaired patients

Current status:
Currently seeking partners and/or investors.

The team:
CEO-Dan Yasoshima (M.S. Biomedical Engr.) - Roles at the NIH and Kennedy Krieger Institute. Led team in 3 business incubators. COO-Tom Cotton (M.S. Biomedical Engr. & Registered Patent Agent) - Several years IT experience between UConn Student Health Services and St. Francis Hospital. Roles at Sikorsky, Nerac, UConn Health & Medtronic. CTO-Patrick Kumavor (PhD Electrical Engr.) - PhD work was the development of a multi-user communication system using quantum information technology. CNO- Dan Mayer (BSN, RN). Registered nurse actively practicing at Yale New Haven Hospital CMO- Erik Pettit (BS - Buissness and Marketing). Experience as a marketing consultant and a proposal writer at Aetna.

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