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Angel investors are a good option once all other forms of investment has been exhausted (friends/family, credit, banks, etc.). Angel investors typcally invest between $25,000 and $100,000 and are looking for startups with great market opportunity and good traction with their product or service.


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If you are looking for a great accelerator program in the Pittsburg, PA area check out AlphaLab.

AlphaLab's standard term is  $25k for 5% equity upon entry.  Following completion of the program, each AlphaLab company that raises at least $50K outside investment will receive a $25k convertible note.

We believe in the power of founding teams to build great companies. Over the 20-week program, scheduled educational sessions cover topics from customer validation to financing, all geared towards helping you build the best company possible.

Your company will benefit from the guidance of entrepreneurs, technologists and investors who have developed and launched products, raised capital and negotiated manufacturing and distribution partnerships.

Qualified AlphaLab alumni companies have the opportunity to raise additional capital from the Innovation Works seed fund. Innovation Works has invested in over 300 companies since 1999 .

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Angel Investor Forum

If you are looking for seed or early-stage investments between $100,000 and $1 million.

Angel Investor Forum of Connecticut invests in early-stage companies in a broad range of industries located in the northeastern United States. They focus on companies in Connecticut that are engaged in scalable activities. They invest with a clear path to exit within three to five years.

Their mission is to create a dynamic investment environment where private investors and entrepreneurs can find mutual success.

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to connect with investors through an online profile.

A website for raising equity or debt investments for startups. Only accredited investors can invest. It does not handle any investment funds. It helps startups meet investors and allows entrepreneurs to create a company profile page that defines their funding needs.

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If you are looking for a quality accelerator program with hopes of getting funding, check out AngelPad.

AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco. In the past 5 years we have launched more than 130 companies in 10 cohorts. Every 6 months we select about 12 teams from a huge pool of applicants (usually around 2000) to work with us.

While others have decided to “scale” and take on more companies or launch more cities, we have stayed true to our original goal: Find a bunch of awesome companies with founders we would like to work with and spend three very intense months with them. This focus has paid off, AngelPad has risen to be the #1 Accelerator in the U.S. (at least that’s what a real study from MIT/Brown University says) and Strictly VC called us the “Anti-Y Combinator“.

During the program, we work on everything from finding product market fit, defining a target market to getting first validation for the company. We are also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for our investor demo day.

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ARC Angel Fund

If you are a high-growth, early-stage company looking for investments between $50,000 and $250,000.

ARC Angel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies with a scalable idea and high growth potential. The Fund has a primary focus toward New York City and surrounding Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area companies.

 Invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential.

  • Main target for investments
  • Software
  • IT
  • Internet
  • Tech-enabled services
  • Business services
  • Digital media
  • Mobile
  • Healthcare IT


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Capital Innovators

If you are looking for a top-10 accelerator program in the St. Louis, MO area check out Capital Innovators.

We are the innovation engine for startups, corporations, and universities.

Capital Innovators provides innovation consulting, entrepreneurial-based programs, and acts as a liaison between Corporations, Universities and Startups and investment into attractive early-stage businesses. Capital Innovators has in-depth knowledge into the most cutting-edge solutions through the Accelerator division of its business, which has been ranked as a Top 10 Accelerator in the country for three years in a row and has invested in and guided 70 companies to date. Capital Innovators model is simple and effective: Innovation, Iteration, and Implementation.

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Connecticut Angel Investor Tax Credit Program

If you are an accredited investor or a network of accredited investors and you want to invest in a qualified Connecticut Business.

Connecticut Innovations administers the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program, which allows angels an opportunity to receive a tax credit by investing in a qualified Connecticut business.

You can participate in the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program if you meet the definition of an accredited investor, or a network of accredited investors. Your investment of $25,000 to $1,000,000 qualifies you for a 25 percent credit on your state income tax. To be eligible, you must invest in a Qualified Connecticut Business (QCB).

To access the Qualified Connecticut Company List, copy and paste link below. -1-25-18.pdf

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If you're a Connecticut startup make sure to register with CTNext.

Sometimes you make your way to your destination with only a few wrong turns, but other times you lose your way entirely. CTNext is here not only to help you find your way to your destination, but also to help make sure it’s the smoothest ride possible. The road of entrepreneurship is never an easy one to take, but with a little help along the way, it might just make a difference in where you end up. Our statewide network connects promising companies to mentors, collaborative work spaces, universities, vendors, suppliers and other like-minded entrepreneurs to help facilitate the growth and scalability of their business.

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Echoing Green

If you are a startup focused on sustainable energy and are looking for an accelerator in the New York area check out Echoing Green.

Echoing Green identifies tomorrow’s transformational leaders today. Through its Fellowships and other innovative leadership initiatives, Echoing Green spots emerging leaders and invests deeply in their success to accelerate their impact.

Echoing Green has been ahead of the curve for 30 years, supporting visionaries around the world who are transforming their communities, addressing economic development, racial and gender equity, environmental sustainability, and more. Echoing Green’s unparalleled community of talent consists of 700+ innovators who have launched Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, Public Allies, and more. The organization provides seed-funding and leadership development to a new class of Fellows every year and welcomes them into its lifelong community of leaders.

Echoing Green accelerates talent that will change the world for the better.

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

If you are looking for a great accelerator in NYC check out ERA.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) combines seed capital, hands-on help and a great co-working location with an expert team to positively impact the trajectory of early-stage startups. ERA runs two, four-month programs per year.

We are New York City’s largest accelerator program. ERA has NYC’s deepest and strongest mentor network with 300+ expert investors, technologists, product specialists, marketers, customer acquisition strategists, sales execs, and more, across all major industries represented in NYC. ERA companies gain direct access to leading members of the New York City tech community through the ERA mentor network and are also given access to the right investors, sales prospects and partners. We look for companies from anywhere in the world that are able to take full advantage of the NYC opportunity as a starting point to successfully enter the market for their product, service or application.

To date, our alumni companies have raised more than $200 Million in investor capital.

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If you are interested in connecting with angel investors check out f6s.

F6S is where Founders grow together. Connect with Accelerators, Funds and Investors. Get help with free stuff, talent search and exposure. Grow your Startup in the #1 global community

Learn more about f6s

Fairfield Startup

If you are a Fairfield University student looking for a strong support network for your entrepreneurial efforts check out Fairfield Startup.

Fairfield StartUp is a yearly program of events designed to foster young entrepreneurial talent at Fairfield University through engagement with mentors and investors drawn from alumni and local business communities.

Starting with the Kickoff in September, prospective students are shepherded through a sequence of educational, networking and mentoring events designed to help them ideate and articulate their business models, recruit teams and mentors and attract partners and other resources needed to start their businesses.

The program culminates each year at the StartUp Showcase, where students negotiate live with investors for seed money to start their businesses.

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Farmington Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking to network in Farmington.

The Farmington Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization of business owners working together to advance the economic and civic development of our community. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce creates a positive impact for the local business community and is vital to its continued success.

The Farmington Chamber is affiliated with the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce and is a strategic partner with the Metro Hartford Alliance. As a result, membership in the Farmington Chamber grows beyond our town lines and reaches businesses regionally and across the state. Members are now afforded the opportunity to participate in other towns' Chamber events.

Join our approximately 300 local business leaders as they pool their skills, talents and resources to drive and support continued business opportunities and community improvements.

Learn more about Farmington Chamber of Commerce

Good Company Ventures

If you are looking for a peer-driven accelerator in the Philadelphia area check out Good Company Ventures.

We offer a bold new approach to business that's about anchoring global impact with real traction; about scaling this impact by refining transformative business models; about launching dreamers by giving them the tools to do.

We offer an intensive peer-driven process that empowers social entreprises to:

  • reframe social problems as market opportunities,
  • design scalable models for long-term change, and
  • mobilize capital to maximize their impact.

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Greentown Labs

If you are looking for an incubator for your green energy startup check out Greentown Labs.

We're a community of bold and passionate entrepreneurs creating energy technologies that transform the way we live, work, and play. At Greentown Labs, we deeply believe in the impact that innovative clean technologies will have on the world, and we know the relentless human energy of a few scientists, engineers and business people can make a big difference. We know because we see it every day at Greentown Labs.

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If you are looking for a platform for sourcing and management for early-state investments.

The number-one platform in startup funding: Gust's SaaS funding platform provides all the tools entrepreneurs need to manage their startup funding process, from pitch to exit. Upload your pitch video, describe your team, connect with investors and manage your post-investment relationships.

Gust is a global SaaS funding platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors and angel investor networks by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. The SaaS funding platform is endorsed by the world's leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 1,000 investment organizations in 80-plus countries. More than 200,000 startups have already used the funding platform to connect and collaborate with over 45,000 investors. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Angelsoft and is privately held. Gust is based in New York City with a European office in London.

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Landmark Angels

If you are capital efficient, but looking for a capital source to reach new goals.

As venture capital firms have increasingly migrated toward investing larger sums of capital in later rounds, a critical gap has emerged between seed capital and venture funding. Landmark Angels actively seeks out and invests in such opportunities ranging from $100,000 to $2 million, with the ability to syndicate with other angel and venture capital groups.

Landmark Angels benefits from a strong deal flow. Companies are selected from relationships with key industry contacts, including service providers. Companies are also selected from industry conferences and leading universities and through direct applications.

Although recently incorporated in June 2008, Landmark Angels members have substantial investment expertise.

Landmark Angels provides more than capital. Our members are able to provide entrepreneurs with valuable advice and key industry resources.

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If you are looking for an accelerator that focuses on your company's specific needs check out MuckerLab.

We are not your typical accelerator program where hundreds of companies are “accelerated” each year using a cookie cutter approach. We don’t churn through dozens of startups every three months in order to help just a handful of top companies.

Instead, we work with no more than ten companies per year, doing whatever is necessary — for as long as necessary — to ensure that each and every company achieves the operating milestones required for the next round of financing.

Our hands-on, boutique approach has allowed us to achieve extraordinary success rates and founder satisfaction scores. In fact, MuckerLab was ranked the number two accelerator in the country. Our bespoke model allows us to deeply embed ourselves as adjunct operating executives in companies at their earliest stages, as well as those going through major inflection points, including:

New Venture: MuckerLab Invests at the earliest stage of a company’s lifecycle — “pre-seed”, as the first institutional capital — and helps entrepreneurs validate and iterate on the original hypotheses of their core business concepts. In short, we help companies achieve product-market fit in preparation to raise institutional venture financing.

Strategy Reboot: We help existing businesses revamp their strategies, increase their addressable market opportunities, and operationally focus on accelerating revenue growth to become a high-growth, venture-fundable businesses.

Spin-Off: MuckerLab works with companies to spin off non-core divisions or assets to create operationally and strategically independent new ventures.

Learn more about MuckerLab

New York Angels

If you looking to raise between $100,000 and $1 million from one group.

The New York Angels is one of the longest running active angel groups in New York City and has invested over $95 million in entrepreneurial ventures. The group is an independent consortium of over 100 individual accredited angel investors. The New York Angels typically invest $100,000 to $1 million in seed/early-stage companies, and syndicate deals with angel group partners and venture capitalists up to $2 million. Because of the vast experience of the membership, the group is receptive to a wide variety of industry sectors. The strength of the group is its ability to pool its money to make large investments, to mentor entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals, and to make introductions that can accelerate growth.

New York Angels is not a fund and does not invest as a group. Our members collaborate on due diligence but make individual investment decisions. Each member makes his or her own thorough review of all information, including speaking with representatives of the company.

Learn more about New York Angels

Techstars Accelerator

If you are a technical startup or small business looking to join an accelerator.

Techstars is an acclerator looking to provide a network of mentors to small businesses and startups.


Learn more about Techstars Accelerator

The Accelerator at the Woman's Startup Lab

If you are looking for an accelerator focused on woman-owned startups check out the Woman's Startup Lab.

WSLab’s famous one-year program begins with a 2 week live-in accelerator immersion in the heart of Silicon Valley.

This program delivers CEO coaching, 120 hours of startup evaluation and strategy sessions with personal attention. The curriculum includes acquiring knowledge and building your funding strategy, creating & managing leads, building a SV pitch, as well as ongoing personal introductions and networking. Together with other female founders you will build an intimate support group, gain access to a prestigious network in Silicon Valley that leads to funding, and join a lifelong startup community.

How It Works

  • One-year program
  • Residential Session: April 24 – May 5, 2017
  • Location: Menlo Park
  • Tuition: $9,950 (an $85K value!)
  • Financing: $2,500 initial payment – financing or equity exchange available for remainder
  • Many founders were able to raise $10-50k Seed Fund upon acceptance to WSLab
  • Room and board in our expansive Silicon Valley villa during the 2 week immersion
  • 6 months Mastermind Coaching
  • Alumni reunion in Silicon Valley (6 month mark)
  • Additional 14 days/nights room, board for post-program fundrasing activities

Learn more about The Accelerator at the Woman's Startup Lab

The Brandery

If you are looking for a seed stage accelerator in the Cincinnati, OH region check out The Brandery.

What is The Brandery?

The Brandery is a seed stage startup accelerator that leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region, namely branding, marketing and design. We believe that building your brand— and not just a product— is a way startups can be more resource efficient and increase their probability of success. In addition to an elite mentor list, startups will be paired with world-class creative agencies and have access to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Procter & Gamble, dunnhumby, and Kroger. The Brandery runs one, four-month accelerator program a year for 8-10 companies. We receive a 6% equity stake in each startup in exchange for $50k, a year of free office space, and over $200k in additional benefits.

Why Branding?

Our philosophy is that if your start-up is consumer focused, you must be brand focused. That belief is at the core of The Brandery and why we launched our program in Cincinnati, Ohio. We feel that there is an amazing opportunity for consumer startups to leverage the fundamentals of brand building. At The Brandery, you will lay the foundation for your brand as you work with market research partners and some of the best agencies in Cincinnati. Through our program, you will uncover meaningful consumer insights that will help you create your startup as a true brand. We do this in a supportive entrepreneurial environment, surrounded by your fellow startups and our team of rockstar mentors.

$50K Seed Funding and Support

Lay the foundation for your brand as you work with market research partners and some of the best agencies in Cincinnati. Your startup will be seeded in meaningful consumer insights and will far surpass a fancy logo.

Learn more about The Brandery

The Gauntlet by Tech Wildcatters

If you are looking for an innovative tech accelerator based in Dallas, Texas, check out The Gauntlet by Tech Wildcatters.

Launched in 2009, Tech Wildcatters established itself as one of the first 15 accelerators in the world and fast became a leading, nationally-ranked accelerator by Forbes in 2012 and Inc. Magazine in 2015.

By the end of 2015, we’d invested in 72 startups, helped create more than 450 jobs and saw four exits. The market had also become extremely saturated, with an estimated 7,500 accelerators around the world with varying expertise, interests and quality standards.

As one of the longest running accelerators in the world, we’ve had the unique opportunity to obtain firsthand wisdom on what works (and what doesn’t) within an accelerator. We carry with us the knowledge on founders who make it, those who don’t, we have lessons learned, endless amounts of historical data and a peek inside the vision of those who mentor alongside us.

With that information in hand, we saw the need to initiate change within our market and fix the areas we know are not beneficial for our investors and are especially not beneficial for our startups. And in 2016, we broke our own model and introduced The Gauntlet.

We are now the first accelerator in the world to unveil what we believe the new accelerator should be — a genuinely smart decision for the startups who enter and the investors who buy in. We are now purely fueled by a 5-tier system infused with data, milestones and most importantly, ambition.

Naturally, we see hundreds of applications and we’re a selective bunch. But what we’re really looking for are the hard-working entrepreneurs and the ideas that can stick. Whether you’re an idea on a napkin or already generating revenue, our new model is designed to customize an experience for you while placing you in a competitive yet supportive batch of startups that are working AT YOUR LEVEL. And because you’re embracing and trusting the process, each time you hit new milestones, we invest in you further.

Here’s the only caveat: You have to go for it to get it.

Our class is in full swing, but we’re still actively recruiting this year. If The Gauntlet sounds right for you, we’re ready. Are you?

Learn more about The Gauntlet by Tech Wildcatters

Trade Association for Angel Investors - Angel Capital Association

A member directory for the Angel Capital Association for potential angel investors.

The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures. ACA provides professional development, industry voice, public policy advocacy and an array of benefits and resources to its membership of more than 240 angel groups and platforms and more than 13,000 individual accredited investors.

ACA's mission is to fuel the success of angel groups and private investors that invest in high-growth, early-stage ventures.

Learn more about Trade Association for Angel Investors - Angel Capital Association

Y Combinator

If you are looking for mentorship and capital you might want to look into Y Combinator.

Y Combinator runs two three-month funding cycles a year, one from January through March and one from June through August.

We ask the founders of each startup we fund to move to the Bay Area for the duration of their cycle, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best shape possible. Each cycle culminates in an event called Demo Day, at which the startups present to an audience that now includes most of the world's top startup investors.

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