Resources for Veteran-owned Businesses

If you are a veteran and own a business or are interested in starting a business, check out this list of business resources specifically for veterans.

Resources for Minority-owned Businesses

There are many resources to help minority-owned businesses start and grow in Connecticut. If you are a minority business owner, check out this list of resources that you may be able to take advantage of.

Resources for Student Businesses

Connecticut has several resources for students working on starting or running a business. If you are a student interested in starting a business, or if oyu already have a business, check out this list of resources specifically for you.

Resources for Woman-owned Businesses

Are you a woman-owned business? If so, here is a list of resources specifically for woman-owned businesses.

Connecticut Web Development Firms

Looking for a great web development company, but don't want to travel to New York or Boston? Check out this list of great web development firms right here in Connecticut.

Connect with an Angel Investor

Angel investors are a good option once all other forms of investment has been exhausted (friends/family, credit, banks, etc.). Angel investors typcally invest between $25,000 and $100,000 and are looking for startups with great market opportunity and good traction with their product or service.

Connecticut Co-Working Spaces

There are co-working spaces all over Connecticut offering a wide range of options, prices, programming and styles. From private offices and labs to hot desks and meeting spaces Connecticut has a space for you.



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