Tim Laubacher

  Tim Laubacher

Axis 901
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Startup Phases I work with

Idea, Plan, Build, Validate


Areas of Expertise


C#, HTML, JavaScript, Multi-platform App, Web, Windows 10, Windows Phone



Support Network

Fellow Founders

Tech Expertise

Mobile, Web


Analytics, Communicating with customers, Contractors and helpers, Domains


Tim Laubacher / Haddam, CT

If you have a web or mobile app business idea and need a strong technical partner, then I could be a good fit. I've helped over 300 businesses develop and execute their web strategies.

Tim Laubacher

Get to know me

What makes me a good mentor?
I am passionate about the startup process and I love talking about business ideas and strategy. I have gone through the process of building and selling a business and have been an advisor to several startup companies. I have also advised over 300 companies on website and web marketing strategies.

My experience is more broad than deep. I have worked with many companies in many industries including the food industry, real estate, sports, manufacturing, professional services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and retail.

I am a big fan of testing assumptions early and pivoting or moving on. I follow Lean Startup techniques and spend a lot of time creating ways to test a business model at each step of the way.

Lean Startup, AppCampus, Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership