Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic (IPEC) -- UConn


Provides, on a non-fee basis, intellectual property education, counseling and legal services in Connecticut.

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The Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic (IPEC) provides, on a non-fee basis, intellectual property education, counseling and legal services to inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, artists and research scientists in Connecticut.


  • Patent searches and provisional patent applications
  • Trademark clearance and registration applications
  • Copyright and trade secret matters
  • Drafting and negotiating intellectual property agreements
  • Basic entity formation


All applicants must:

  • Be a Connecticut resident or a business located in Connecticut.
  • Be an owner of the proposed intellectual property.
  • Complete IPEC's request for services form to the satisfaction of an IPEC supervising attorney.
  • Demonstrate that the intellectual property is valid, can be manufactured and/or commercialized with existing technology, is innovative, has significant market potential, does not have an adverse impact on safety, health, welfare or the environment, and is legal to manufacture, sell and use.
  • Provide detail of the intellectual property sufficient to enable preparation of a patent, trademark or copyright application, or sale or license agreement.
  • Diligently pursue necessary steps toward commercialization of the intellectual property.
  • Demonstrate an intention and ability to develop and/or produce the intellectual property in Connecticut, or to license the invention to an existing, identified business operating in Connecticut.
  • Participate in IPEC's client reporting and performance surveys as reasonably required by IPEC.
  • Although clinic services are free, clients are responsible for certain costs that may be necessary for the clinic to provide assistance (fees for filing a patent, trademark or copyright; the fees to register a corporation, etc.).

Contact Info

Street: University of Connecticut School of Law

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06105

Phone: 860-570-5136


Website: UConn School of Law


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