We are not your typical accelerator program where hundreds of companies are “accelerated” each year using a cookie cutter approach.

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We are not your typical accelerator program where hundreds of companies are accelerated each year using a cookie cutter approach. We do not churn through dozens of startups every three months in order to help just a handful of top companies.

Instead, we work with no more than ten companies per year, doing whatever is necessary and for as long as necessary to ensure that each and every company achieves the operating milestones required for the next round of financing.

Our hands-on, boutique approach has allowed us to achieve extraordinary success rates and founder satisfaction scores. In fact, MuckerLab was ranked the number two accelerator in the country. Our bespoke model allows us to deeply embed ourselves as adjunct operating executives in companies at their earliest stages, as well as those going through major inflection points, including:

New Venture: MuckerLab Invests at the earliest stage of a company's lifecycle "preseed" as the first institutional capital and helps entrepreneurs validate and iterate on the original hypotheses of their core business concepts. In short, we help companies achieve product-market fit in preparation to raise institutional venture financing.

Strategy Reboot: We help existing businesses revamp their strategies, increase their addressable market opportunities, and operationally focus on accelerating revenue growth to become a high-growth, venture-fundable businesses.

Spin-Off: MuckerLab works with companies to spin off non-core divisions or assets to create operationally and strategically independent new ventures.

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State: CA

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