Yale Entrepreneur Institute Incubator


Provides affordable office space and a vibrant startup community to eligible Yale student startups.

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If you are a Yale student looking for affordable office space.


The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) was formed to help Yale students and faculty start scalable new business ventures. We mentor innovators through ideation, proof-of-concept and the business creation process. We focus on those venture opportunities that are the most viable and have the highest impact potential and which enhance Yale's entrepreneurial self-awareness.

As a hub for innovation, we strive to instill an entrepreneurial mindset across the entire university community. As a proving ground for commercial viability, we engage both alumni and non-alumni experts across a wide range of industries to help validate and refine products and services. As a point of contact with the business world, we seek to collaborate with external investors and corporate partners who share our vision.


  • Fellowship
  • Venture Creation Program
  • YEI Innovation Fund
  • Technology Commercialization Program
  • Venture creation consultants
  • VC advisors
  • Canaan Yale Venture Fellowship
  • Miller Prize
  • Yale College Dean's Challenge on Social Innovation
  • Yale Innovation Seminar Series
  • Venture Creation Liaisons


Qualifying Yale student startups.

Contact Info

Contact: Brita Belli

Street: 254 Elm Street 3rd Floor

City: New Haven

State: CT

Zip: 06511

Phone: 203-436-4933

Email: brita.belli@yale.edu

Website: Yale Entrepreneur Institute Incubator


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